Property Classification

Classification Descriptions and Assessment Percentages

The two-letter code listed under "class" indicates the classification and location of this parcel. The first letter refers to the class defined below. The second letter refers to the location, either "R" for rural or "U" for urban.

Real property is classified and then assessed at the following percentage of appraised value. Property class assessment percentages are set by the State Constitution and cannot be adjusted by the county.

 Class  Description Assessment 
 RR, RU  Real property used for residential purposes including apartments and condominiums   11.50%
 FR, FU  Residences on farm home sites   11.50% 
 AR, AU  Land devoted to agricultural use  30.00% 
 AR, AU  Improvements on land devoted to agricultural use   25.00% 
 VR, VU  Vacant Lots   12.00% 
 NR, NU  Real property owned and operated by not-for-profit organizations   12.00%
 CR, CU  Real property used for commercial and industrial purpose  25.00% 
 OR, OU  All other rural and urban real property   30.00% 
 EX  Tax exempt property   0.00% 

Tax Information
Please be aware that if your property value goes up, it does not necessarily mean you will pay more taxes. Likewise, if your property value goes down or does not change, it does not automatically mean you will pay less or the same amount of taxes. Your property taxes are based on how much your local governments decide to spend on roads, parks, fire protection, police protection, health, and other services each year. Property taxes also fund your local public schools.