Yes, This Room (1)

Our Pledge of Support for the “Yes, This Room.” sexual assault awareness campaign

The Rice County Attorney's Office is proud to have pledged their support of the “Yes, This Room.” public awareness campaign which seeks to raise awareness of sexual assault while combating the normalization of sexual violence in our society. 

The goal of the campaign is to place greater focus on offender accountability, encourage sexual assault victims to report, and aid in reducing victimization in Kansas. It is a call to action that brings attention to sexual assault with immediacy. By encouraging everyone to educate themselves on the facts, challenges their thoughts and beliefs, and engage in courageous conversations about sexual assault, we can help change the culture and prevent sexual assault before it happens.

To dispel myths and biases and make our communities safer places to learn, work, and live requires action from everyone. The “Yes, This Room.” campaign includes tools and resources to help you or your organization engage in the conversation and create an impact.

To get involved, visit Read the facts and conversation guides. Consider how you can be a part of societal change. Download resources from the website. Hang the posters in public spaces and make information cards available within your organization. Direct your sphere of influence to visit

The “Yes, This Room” public awareness campaign was launched by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation after the Kansas Sexual Assault Kit Initiative concluded that lack of societal awareness was a factor that contributed to the accumulation of unsubmitted sexual assault kits across the state.

For more information about the SAKI Project, visit or visit the SAKI Project.