SPARK - Coronavirus Relief Fund

SPARK(Strengthening People And Revitalizing Kansas) 

GRANT opportunities for businesses impacted by COVID-19:

**Rice County CDBG CV GRANT**

APPLICATIONS are now closed

For more information click HERE

To be eligible to receive a CDBG-CV Economic Development grant, the recipient business must be a for-profit business and retaining jobs for low to moderate-income people. 51% or more of the full-time equivalent (FTE) jobs retained must be for persons from low to moderate-income households as defined by HUD.
See the Rice County low-moderate household income guide here.

CDBG-CV Economic Development grants can be used to pay for the following expenses:
*Working capital such as wages, utilities, rent, etc.
*The purchase of 60 days’ worth of inventory needed to reopen (60 days will begin on the day the business is allowed to reopen)

**Kansas Dept. of Commerce Economic Development GRANT**

APPLICATIONS are now closed for the Small Business Working Capital Grant

**Rice County
 SPARK Business Assistance GRANT**

APPLICATIONS are now closed for the SPARK Business Assistance Grant
DEADLINE: Submit completed application, requested documents and budget spreadsheet by September 1, 2020 at NOON.  
Explanation of Allowable Expenses for covid-related reimbursements from March thru July and direct aid thru December.
Applicants should be prepared to upload a Budget Spreadsheet. 
Non profit businesses will be required to upload a file of the IRS Letter of Determination.

Call 620.257.5166 or email 

For government-related and tax-supported entities:

INSTRUCTIONS for submissions:  HERE


The Sub-Recipient Reimbursement Form may be found HERE 
(Submit unbudgeted, covid-related expenses from March 1 - July 31)

The Direct Aid Program Form may be found HERE 
(Submit expenses to be incurred between August 1 and December 30.
An Example Program and the entire Direct Aid Form may be found HERE)

Need Direct Aid Ideas?  LOOK HERE

What is Spark?

The State of Kansas made funding available to each county as part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act and Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF).  Rice County will receive $1.9 million to be distributed to tax supported entities and businesses impacted by COVID-19.  Distribution is based upon verification of costs already incurred as well as anticipated expenses through December 30, 2020 directly related to the unexpected and unbudgeted impact of COVID-19. 

CRF can only be used for certain expenditures:

  • Necessary public health (COVID-19) emergency expenses
  • Not already accounted for in an approved budget as of March 27, 2020
  • Incurred from March 1 to December 30, 2020

This is a federally driven process and requires detailed financial information for reimbursement and for anticipated expenses related to COVID-19.  Focus areas include health, connectivity, economic development, and education.  Priority will be given to eligible reimbursable expenses and for eligible direct aid. Any funds not appropriated by August 15, 2020 must be returned to the State of Kansas for recoupment. Reference for more County resources and guidelines.

How will Rice County Distribute SPARK money?

There are two elements to this round of SPARK funding:  1) Reimbursements for government, healthcare, and school facilities for unbudgeted expenses related to COVID-19 and 2) Direct aid plans to empower Rice County to prepare for an additional COVID-19 wave through public health, better connectivity, and economic recovery. 


Detailed information about SPARK can be found at and US Treasury
CITY and USD Letter of Intent and Resolution
Rice County Resolution 12-2020